New Bachata Night on Mondays at Caleido

Mondays used to be the ONE day of the week that dancers in Santiago, Chile had no option but to stay in and get a good night’s rest.

That has all changed now with the launch of Bachata Mondays at Caleidos club in Ñuñoa (Irarrazaval #1333).

So now, get rid of the Monday blues and start your evening off with a class held by Gabriel Jana (former WLDC Bachata Champion) and Camila Velasquez.

The two are not just excellent performers, but great social dancers as well, so you’ll be sure to learn some great moves for the dancefloor.

The class begins at 22:30, followed by 100% social dancing until 3 in the morning! 100% Bachata all night long. 

Your boss is going to hate this 😉

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